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Your Next Watch Should Be Wooden

Your Next Watch Should Be Wooden

Your Next Watch Should Be Wooden

Forget smartwatches. Ditch digital. There's a new, unorthodox timepiece decision to be made: walnut or maple?

The latest product line from the grain-obsessed creators at Grovemade moves the brand away from creating wooden covers for a host of Apple gadgets - a change of pace they should have taken up long ago on the resulting evidence.

Created in collaboration with watchmaker Stephan Andren, Grovemade's Wood Watch comes in two shapes: round and square. 

A wooden front sits atop a conventional analogue mechanism, with 12 holes punched into the hand-sanded face displaying a discreet set of hour and minute hands. As the marker enters the window, it slides into view like a rising or setting sun, overlapping when the minute and hour hand occupy the same hole.

The understated design continues in the form of the vegetable-tanned leather strap - available in black, to compliment the darker walnut wood, or orange to offset the maple version.

Available for around £155 (plus shipping from their US factory), you can pick up a Wood Watch here.

It's a timepiece you woodn't want to miss.