The new five pound notes contain animal fat and people are pissed off


Not content with shaking your world up by producing notes of slightly different sizes, it also turns out that the Bank of England have also made the new fivers to contain tallow, a substance made from animal fats that can also be found in soap and candles.

While the new note has been lauded by cokeheads up and down the county (being as they are a coated-polymer construction as opposed paper and therefore let way less gear stick to its service), some vegans and vegetarians are a *bit* pissed off. 

But, owing to their status as punchline du jour, people are... less than sympathetic:

The reaction to the notes has been quite something since their introduction this past September - some have been going for a 16,000 times mark-up on eBay - and as we finally, thankfully reach Slow News Season, we wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few more questionable stories about them in the coming weeks… 

(Image: Rex Features)