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You can now get Hunter S Thompson's awesome safari jacket

One of God's own prototypes

You can now get Hunter S Thompson's awesome safari jacket
22 June 2016

The Driver's scorpion jacket. Tyler Durden's red leather blazer. Han Solo's leather bomber. 

Film is littered with exceptional outerwear - so much so that we dedicated an entire gallery to the best right over here. But before you take a gander at that, we bring you news that someone has finally had the good grace to make one of the most famous film jackets of all time a real, purchasable product. 

High-WaterMark Clothing has taken to Kickstarter with a project to bring the layered safari canvas of Hunter S Thompson's iconic jacket to life - the patchwork, multicoloured piece that was recreated for Johnny Depp's portrayal of the troubled journalist in 1998's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The result of eight years of design, conceptualising and graft, the hand-stitched tribute jacket can be snapped up for $300 (£204), should the campaign reach its target of $30,000 (it's currently on $4,574). Head here if you want to place a pledge.

Not convinced? High-Watermark even went and made a trailer to tempt you in...

(Images: Kickstarter, Rex)