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You can get 36% off of Boutique-y Gin Company's chocolate orange gin today

A chocolate orange gin flavoured bargain

You can get 36% off of Boutique-y Gin Company's chocolate orange gin today
25 June 2019

There’s nothing better than sitting down at Christmas with a chocolate orange – and luckily for you, it’s now available in gin form, too.

Created by That Boutique-y Gin Company, and originally announced in May, the chocolate orange gin combines “the richness of chocolate and the refreshing qualities of oranges” to form a top-quality tipple. The gin is distilled traditionally, but bitter orange peels and roast cacao nibs are added to give the chocolate orange taste.

The company describes the gin and “bright and enticing” with a thick, creamy texture and a final pinch of “junipery pepper”.

It’s best served with sparkling orange and orange peel, but would work just as well with a classic tonic.

The company is well known for its original flavour profiles. It also offers a strawberry and balsamic vinegar version of the tipple, and even has a ‘Moonshot Gin’, in which every ingredient was sent into space and exposed to incredibly low air pressure.

The chocolate orange gin is currently on offer at Amazon, available at just £21.95 – so get moving. Given this discount is on the day Amazon Prime Day 2019 was officially announced, which begins 15 July.

Chocolate Orange Gin deal
Get 36% off at Amazon now
Get 36% off at Amazon now

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