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Xbox's exclusive Indiana Jones game may be coming to the PlayStation 5

Are Xbox exclusives soon to be deader than a mummy locked in an ancient tomb?

Xbox's exclusive Indiana Jones game may be coming to the PlayStation 5
Andrew Williams
05 February 2024

PlayStation 5 owner? One of the best upcoming games for your console might be an Xbox game.

How? Microsoft is considering bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to the PS5 according to The Verge, as part of massive proposed changes to how the company distributes games.

Instead of having Xbox exclusives, massive titles like the upcoming Indy tie-in may only arrive on Xbox consoles a few months before they are released on PlayStation 5 or Nintendo Switch (or its successor).

In recent days we’ve also seen rumours Starfield and Hi-Fi Rush may come to other consoles in future too.

We got our first proper look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle during Microsoft’s Developer Direct event on January 18. It’s a (largely) first person action adventure in which you whip, punch and shoot Nazis, as well as leaping around tombs and solving puzzles.

It looks neat, and is due later this year, as late as December according to The Verge. This means we could see the PlayStation 5 version released in 2025. Have a look:

The future for Xbox gamers is in the balance. As is the outlook for console gaming in general.

Is Microsoft announcing its console war defeat, and going for a new strategy completely?

It’s no big news its recent strategy has hinged on Xbox Game Pass rather than aiming for the no. 1 position in pure console sales.

In 2022 Microsoft announced the service had reached 25 million subscribers. However, growth in the service reportedly slowed right down in 2023, a state not helped — no doubt — by household belt-tightening we’ve heard plenty about in reference to movie and TV streaming services.

This isn't to say Microsoft is only a few years from bowing out of the games industry, mind. After all, it just spent $75 billion on Activision Blizzard. Yikes.