Woman buys Black Friday ‘bargain’ iPhone 6, opens box to find 11 potatoes

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Harvey Day
Woman buys Black Friday ‘bargain’ iPhone 6 - opens the box to find 11 potatoes

Quite frankly, it could have happened to anyone. You go out to church, see a dodgy truck selling iPhones, pick one up, take it home and realise you’ve been hoodwinked into buying a box of sliced potatoes.

That’s exactly what happened to one woman from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The unnamed victim uploaded a video of the ‘scam’ iPhone to YouTube where it’s since been viewed thousands of times.

She said: “I decided to go get some gas before church and saw a truck that was selling items on it, with a sign that said Black Friday sale, so I pulled over. They had everything in the truck that I can name, such as hair, watches, shoes, clothes, laptops, cell phones, socks, DVDs and CDs.”

(That’s right; the same truck selling iPhones and laptops also sold HAIR. Totally normal).

The woman went on: “I asked the guy about the iPhone 6 that he was selling and he said if I buy it today, he’ll give it to me for $100. I had the phone in my hand and I asked him to call it, the phone rang. Then, after I paid him he turned around as if he was putting the phone in the box, I didn’t know until I got home, to open my new phone box to find cut up potatoes.”

And - to rub salt into the wound (and maybe also on the potatoes) - the woman found an incompatible Android charger in the box. 

“What the heck am I supposed to do with this!?” she screamed in the video.

Let’s hope she enjoyed her pricey spuds! 

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