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Why hot cross buns are about to get much more expensive this Easter

Start stocking up on them now!

Why hot cross buns are about to get much more expensive this Easter
27 February 2018

Everyone loves a hot cross bun, don’t they? They’re the perfect snack. And crucial to the success of a great bun is, of course, the raisin.

But this Easter things are looking pretty bleak because there’s a major shortage of the dried fruits, which is threatening to send the price of hot cross buns soaring.

According to Metro, over in California, farmers are struggling to produce enough raisins, with US raisin prices having risen by 50% since September.

And it’s all down to a heatwave. It’s thought that 275,000 tonnes of raisins will be produced in 2017-18 in California, which is an 8% reduction on last year and is 15% below the five-year average.

Sky News is also reporting that the wildfires which destroyed thousands of acres of vineyards in California last year have pushed the wholesale price of the fruit up even further.

As you can imagine, people haven’t taken the news well.

Radio presenter Kate Lawler said: “England lost the Six Nations Rugby, Arsenal lost the Carabao Cup Final and the price of Hot Cross Buns is set to soar because of a raisin shortage. I need good news and I need it now. Please give me some.”

But thankfully some were able to see the funny side of it all:

All we can say is, eat as many hot cross buns as you can and eat them now. Let’s just not get all Mad-Max-end-of-the-world over them, okay?

(Image: iStock)