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Westworld Season 3: new email reveals mysterious Incite Inc company

The mystery continues

Westworld Season 3: new email reveals mysterious Incite Inc company
27 February 2020

There have been a LOT of teasers around the new season of Westworld.

Just this week we saw some super-secret, unlisted trailers that a fan happily stumbled across, and there's also plenty to explore on the fake website for Incite Inc., the company the third season is set to hinge around.

And now we're hearing a bit more from Incite, as fans receive some 'viral marketing' from the shadowy corporation.

A few people received the following email:

"Dear Valued Guest,

As you may have heard, U.S. Congress has just passed the Privacy Act of 2039, which will be effective starting today. You will begin to see the impact of this legislation roll out over the coming weeks.

Delos Destinations has been providing themed fun for over a decade, and the security of our guests both in the park and online in the real world is tantamount to our success.

As far as we’re concerned, your core experience will stay the same: an opportunity to discover who you are, in an environment without limits. All corporations with a digital footprint are required to be compliant with this new initiative, affecting the way your private information is collected, stored, shared, and processed.

As part of this new overhaul, legislators have partnered with Incite to provide a clearer path to radical data transparency, putting control back in the hands of consumers.

For more specifics on how this new law will affect you, please check out

And as a gesture of our commitment to a safer, more open and free world, enjoy an extra night stay at Westworld or our newest attraction, The Raj–on us. This is only the beginning. Welcome to life without limits."

What this actually means is still up for question – and we're sure there'll be more cryptic clues to unravel before the show's 15th March release.

One thing is almost certain, though – Incite is not what it seems.