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You need to help this man on his quest for free chicken nuggets


You need to help this man on his quest for free chicken nuggets
07 April 2017

We love nuggets. You love nuggets. We all love nuggets. Who doesn’t love nuggets? No one, that’s who.

But this fine, upstanding young man, really loves them.

Look, you can tell from his Twitter profile.

And he loves them so much that he went all in on Wendys, the American fast food chain, to see if he couldn’t get himself some complimentary nuggety goodness for an entire year.

And so it began. A challenge laid down for humanity. To help one brave man get his nuggs. Would humanity rise up as it should and respond in this man’s hour of need?

You bet your nuggetin’ bottom dollar it would.

At the time of writing, the Tweet has 845,000 retweets and 218,000 likes (why? A like helps no one goddamit) and shows no sign of slowing down on its quest to reach 18 million.

The response has already got Wendys spooked:

Some have taken the opportunity to negotiate for their support:

Others are trying to goad Wendys into giving Carter his nuggs early:

Others have suggested underhand tactics to aid him in reaching his goal:

Others think he’s done it already:

Meanwhile some naysayers just don’t think it can be done. I mean, it’s basic science isn’t it?

And the humourless among us have been pointing out the magnitude of Carter’s task:

But screw you ‘Jon Acuff’ with your logic, we believe.

So get retweeting pronto and let’s get Carter his nuggs, OK?