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Wearing Black Will Make You More Attractive To Women

Wearing Black Will Make You More Attractive To Women

Wearing Black Will Make You More Attractive To Women
Danielle de Wolfe
02 September 2015

Fancy being cleverer, better looking and more confident without actually having to do any work or pay for extensive plastic surgery? Then all you need to do is pop on a black jumper.

In a new survey conducted by an online t-shirt company (who probably have one or two black t-shirts in their stock room) wearing black makes men appear more attractive to 66 per cent of women.

The colour came top in every single positive category, with the public regarding it as serious, reliable and ideal for interviews and first dates.

But it was bad news for people with double-barrelled surnames and the residents of Chelsea because only 5 per cent of those asked thought that intelligent people would wear pink.

Essentially, if you want people to think you’re sexiest and most intelligent person in the room, become a funeral directory.

In case you need some inspiration, here are some super cool, confident men (and Dapper Laughs) wearing black to a tee.

Russell Brand

He might not be to everyone's taste but he's intelligent and infamously good with the ladies. Black seems to be working for him. 

Ricky Gervais

He's owning that red carpet.

David Gandy

Put on a black sweater and you'll definitely be mistaken for this guy.

Steve Jobs

He changed the world by making the black turtle neck socially acceptable.

Al Pacino

You can't get much cooler or more confident than Al. Might need to rethink the hair though.


Everyone knows Snape was the coolest character in Harry Potter. Why? Because he wore a black cape. 

Men in Black

These guys based their whole organisation around the colour black. 

Dapper Laughs

When Dapper Laughs wanted to appear more serious he wore black on Newsnight. Unfortunately for Dapper, a black roll neck can't actually make you more intelligent. 


He might be a muderous demon of the night but he looks bloody good doing it.

Alan Partridge

This is what you look like when you wear pink.