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We now know when Fallout, Prime Video's huge new TV Show, is streaming

We can't wait for this one...

We now know when Fallout, Prime Video's huge new TV Show, is streaming
Marc Chacksfield
24 October 2023

Superheroes and video games are two of the hottest properties at the moment and while Prime Video has the first genre sewn up with The Boys and Gen V, it's yet to jump into the video game adaptation business proper.

This is set to change in 2024, with its huge new TV show Fallout. Based on the classic video game franchise from Bethesda, the show will transport viewers to post-apocalyptic Los Angeles and the interesting characters within.

The show runners are no stranger to dystopia. Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy were also creators of the WestWorld TV show and are the perfect people to get the world of Fallout on to the small screen, faithfully.

While we knew the show would be released sometime in 2024, we didn't know a date.

Thankfully, Prime Video chose the 26th anniversary of Fallout Day, an annual celebration of all things dedicated to the award-winning and best-selling video game franchise, to reveal the date - with the reveal that the show will begin streaming 12 April next year.

Prime Video just revealed release date for Fallout, it's huge new TV Show

The Fallout franchise is one of the biggest games franchises of all time. It's spawned numerous games and spin-offs and its retrofuturistic setting - everything looks like a version of1950s America - should look fantastic in the adaptation.

Prime Video will be hoping to follow the success HBO had with The Last Of Us this year, which proved to be one of the most popular shows for the service.