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We could be getting three iPhone 7 models

Apple is hoping three will be a magic number for its new handset

We could be getting three iPhone 7 models
20 July 2016

Hold the phone - three iPhone 7s?!

That's what the latest set of 'leaked' images would suggest., the French site dedicated to all things Apple, has dug through the depths of the Weibo social network to find an image that breathes life back into rumours of Apple creating an 'iPhone 7 Pro' - a handset offering a dual lens camera and a Smart Connector, allowing it to plug into a beefier battery case. 

Here's how they line up

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus designs remain consistent with previous leaks we've seen, maintaining the same dimensions of the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The iPhone 7 Pro is the same size as the Plus model, just with an extra large bump on the rear for the dual lens camera - a feature that will combine two images for a greater impression of depth, and improve image quality under low lighting. 

Why release three models?

Apple is eager to claw back some lost ground in the smartphone market, having seen their sales dip in all-important regions such as China in recent months. 

The Pro could be aimed squarely at keen mobile photography types, while the Plus and standard models will act as a natural update on for those who prefer to renew their phone every one to two years. Three's better than two, right?

Various analysts are all pointing to Apple introducing something a bit special in 2017 - the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone. If you're disappointed by the lack of bells and whistles on these leaked images, you might want to keep that current handset ticking over for another 12 months.