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12 things that the new Game of Thrones trailer is secretly telling us

Based on this it might be the best season yet...

12 things that the new Game of Thrones trailer is secretly telling us
09 March 2016

It’s finally, finally (FINALLY) here. The Game of Thrones trailer that we’ve been teased non-stop with has finally dropped and we’ve learned a lot about the coming season of the HBO drama.

There’s a whole lot of guesswork in this one, but why wouldn’t we? It is Game of Thrones, after all, incredibly speculative (but exciting) spoilers ahead.

Scroll down for the full fighty trailer.

Jon Snow is sooo coming back to life

Okay, so it was never actually shown (and there was no chance of it happening before our eyes, that’d ruin the cliff-hanger ending of the last season) but there seems to be an awful lot of standing around his dead body. The Night’s Watch are normally pretty quick to burn dead bodies to stop them becoming White Walkers, and although it IS Jon Snow he’s very much dead, you guys.

Violence is still pretty awesome.

Game of Thrones has never been one for shying away from a good beheading, and this season looks no different. There’s a bloke being burned alive on the Bolton cross, for one. The trailer starts off very mellow (with a James Vincent McMorrow version of Wicked Game playing) but Cersei saying: “I choose violence” shifts the whole dynamic. For the better. Duh.

Daenerys has been on a very long walk

That same dress she wore at the end of last season, flying off on the back of her dragon is quite muddy here. If you remember, she was quickly surrounded and imprisoned. Luckily for her, Jorah seems to have found her ring (which she dropped in the middle of nowhere) so she has that going for her.

Tyrion is underground, somewhere

Our favourite dwarf Tyrion is seen in the trailer somewhere seriously dark (we had to turn up the brightness on our screen, we forgot how pitch black everything in Game of Thrones is) but the shot right after shows an airborne dragon. Could it mean Tyrion is in the chamber that Daenerys kept her dragons? And why is he visiting/releasing them?

Melisandre is probably going to be the one that brings Jon back

A lot was predicted at the end of the last season when Melisandre abandons Stannis as he’s left to die, realising her prophecy wasn’t always about him. Conveniently, she has powers to revive very much dead people and where would we happen to find one of those? There’s even this frame, of her stood over him looking like she’s about to either a) bring Jon Snow back from the dead or b) go through his pockets for loose change.

Sansa Stark is very much alive…

We had no idea what would happen to her and Theon when they jumped off the walls of a castle (presumably break their legs, but all that snow must have helped out) but she looks pretty with it in this trailer, so all that’s left to find out is where she went next…

So is Theon!

Or Reek, if you prefer, survived too. You can see his family greeting a ship, but his uncle, Euron, is featured in another scene being baptised by his family. We can see Theon in the snow still, so we have to wonder how far he travelled. Or did he stay with Ramsey?

Arya needs to drop everything and get out of here

The House of Black and White that Arya finally found last season was not all it seems. The Hall of Faces (featuring plenty of people who aren’t actually dead yet) was used in an abundance of Game of Thrones promotional stuff ahead of this season, so you know it will play a big part. Arya went blind at the end of last season, for disobeying Jaqen (that oughta teach her...)  but we’re not sure if it’s permanent but she is seen doing some seriously impressive parkour towards the end of the trailer, so she's either developed bat ears or she can see just fine.

The Mountain is back... possibly as a zombie

In case you forgot about The Mountain over the last season, allow us to fill you in. After the Trial by Combat (that still haunts our nightmares to this day) he was in a very bad way, and weird old Qyburn set to fix him up. Unfortunately for him, Qyburn is known for his bizarre experiments on humans and it’s highly likely that a undead The Mountain is under that armour. All decomposing and strong. According to the books, he takes a vow of silence until all the King’s enemies are driven from the land, so we won’t be hearing him speak any time soon. But when he does, when he does,  we reckon it'll be a weird gurgle or something.

Potential awesome flashback montage

We’ve had flashbacks before, namely of a young Cersei having her prophecy foretold. This time though, it very much looks like we’ll have a Tower of Joy flashback, the battle that a young Ned Stark faced against a Targaryen army. It’s very probable that we’ll learn a bit more about Jon Snow in this scene, but we won’t say any more. If you know, you know.

Bran is standing up (and don’t look behind you)...

Bran Stark looks very different this season. We’ve had a year of all the magic and visions that came with his northern adventure, and besides the haircut, he looks a lot older now. He’s also a lot taller too, and it very much looks like he’s standing up at the end there. Which would usually be a stretch of the imagination but lets face it, nothing really makes that much sense in this show. Oh, and that is very much the Night’s King hovering behind him – so is he in trouble, or is this another vision?

Ser Davos brings the hype

“I’ve never been much of a fighter… apologies for what you’re about to see.” We love you Davos. But who is he fighting? He’s in the room with Jon Snow and unsheathes the Night’s Watch leader’s sword, Longclaw, but if he’s fighting and he’s never been that good, it must be pretty serious? And equally, why the hel-icopters would you make somebody a knight if they couldn't fight and protect the realm. Is Jon Snow being revived and the rest of the Night’s Watch have heard about it? Whatever happens, this’ll make for a hell of a scene.

Check out the full trailer below.