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Watch the trailer for final series of Peep Show

Excitement levels now at maximum

Watch the trailer for final series of Peep Show

We're not quite sure whether to be excited, or devastated, but the final series of Peep Show is very nearly upon us.

Nine series of unremitting quality, hilarity and awkwardness draws to a close with the first episode of the final run beginning on Wednesday week (11 November) and, while we can't wait for new episodes, it also marks the end of an era for Mark and Jez.

Channel 4 has released a teaser trailer to get you all excited and the good news is that it already hints at the excellence in store; Jez has found new 'accommodation' since the falling out at the end of Season 8 while Mark desperately needs to exploit someone - anyone - to get ahead in his job. Just who fits the bill?

Watch and settle yourselves in for the final ride of the El Dude brothers....