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Watch Gordon Ramsay lose his rag after being served steak on a roof tile

Seriously, what's wrong with plates?

Watch Gordon Ramsay lose his rag after being served steak on a roof tile

Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares is a television staple, managing to spin gold out of a tried and tested formula for nearly 13 (THIRTEEN? We are all relentlessly ageing) years.

Gordon finds a restaurant that is on its last legs due to bad food/management/customer service, swears a bit, revises their menu, recommends a bit of a makeover, and the place gets back on its feet again.

Job done. Just listen to Gordon and you should be able to save your restaurant. If you listen to him on the US version of the show, you might even be able to save your marriage. 

With so many nightmares under his belt, you’d think they’d be very few things that would surprise Gordon nowdays. But as one restaurant on a recent episode proved that there’s always a new way to shock.

The video starts out with the usual fare – a cocky chef thinks he’ll be the one in 21 to wow Gordon with his food, only to be roundly embarrassed as Gordon points out his poor flavour choices.

We got tuna that was too spicy, a tiki platter serving old slabs of meat, nothing too outlandish. 

The good stuff happens when Gordon gets his filet mignon.

As Gordon says: “Filet mignon is something simple, classic – and not normally served on a trolley. What the fuck?

The fuck would be Gordon being served a steak on a roof tile.

That’s roof tile. Not slate, but tile.

Gordon’s face is a dream. 

Probably safe to save he’s a member of the We Want Plates crowd.