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Virgin Trains is running a £5 seat sale right now

Go to York for a fiver? Don't mind if we do

Virgin Trains is running a £5 seat sale right now

Virgin Trains has just announced it’s giving away thousands of seats from only £5 a pop to locations all over the country, with first class also being an option.

Here’s a few of the top routes you might want to take advantage of: London - Leeds for £5, York - Edinburgh for £10, London - Edinburgh for £15, and Aberdeen - London for £20.

You can also upgrade to first for just £15 extra on each route. 


But, as always, there’s some dates you’ll have to travel between: 4 January 2017 ­– 10 February 2017 (excluding 4 & 5 February). So if you’re wanting to escape the bleakness of January, get yourself off to Edinburgh for a cheeky weekend of haggis and Buckfast.

Be sharpish booking tickets though, as the sale is on now and ends Friday 25 November at midnight, with tickets expected to be sold out even before the sale ends.