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VIDEO: Bubblefootball has some bounce

Those crazy Norwegians

VIDEO: Bubblefootball has some bounce
19 January 2012

As anyone who witnessed Real Madrid defender Pepe’s shameful stamp on Lionel Messi’s hand would acknowledge football needs to have a long, hard look at itself.

Although the beautiful game has always been a serious business, such petulant behaviour during his teams deserved defeat to Barcelona in last night’s Copa del Rey quarter-final makes everyone associated with the game look poor.

So, if this carries on we might divert our attention completely to bubblefootball, or to give it its correct Norwegian title, boblefotball.

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, bubblefootball is football played by players encased in plastic bubbles. The rest is per association football – well, apart from the fact that the aim of the game seems to be as much bumping into opposition players and watching them bounce up and down like Mr Bounce, as it is scoring goals.

Anyway, watch this hilarious clip of a match between Sarpsborg 08 and local rivals Fredrikstad demonstrating the finer arts, subtleties and bodyslams of the sport. Marvellous stuff.

(Image: YouTube)