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Unofish's Luxury Basketballs

Unofish's Luxury Basketballs

Unofish's Luxury Basketballs
17 December 2014

If we were to ask what series featured names like the Recondo, the Gold Rush and the Swamp Gator, you'd be forgiven for thinking along the lines of Gladiators. But you're wrong. Not even close. 

There's not a scrap of Lycra involved in Unofish's range of luxurious basketballs. Hailing from the sun-soaked shores of California, the new brand is looking to make a name for itself in the confusing world of luxury sports wear - yeah it looks good, but who buys a six-figure punching bag

Handcrafted from Italian leather, we're not sure if Unofish envision people playing with their basketballs, describing them as a "canvas" that can "be treated like a work of art". The designs call on a range of leather finishes (no alligators lost their skin for these, just a few cows and a ostriches), the Black Komodo and Gator ranges displaying a rugged, tough finish, while the likes of the State and Recondo look too supple to ever be bounced in anger.

Available from around £160, for every basketball Unofish sells they'll donate a premium ball to a child in school or community programme. Here's hoping the kid doesn't lose it in the neighbour's garden... 

(Images: Unofish)

[Via: Hypebeast]