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Unknown's New Summer Watch Range

Unknown's New Summer Watch Range

Unknown's New Summer Watch Range

As the elements gradually begin to align with the calendar (the days are getting longer at least), the arrival of "spring/summer" styles is finally beginning to feel appropriate.

To compliment the lighter shades of the (occasionally) warmer months ahead, London-based watch group UNKNOWN has updated its range with a set of cool seasonal tones and the introduction of a new, angular model.

The insect-adorned Natural Selection series (£80) gains three new models, sporting a moth, bee and beetle, while the simple features of the Classic (£80) have been reworked in lighter colour combinations of silver, pale blue and an attractive ever green. An all-metal golden variety (£125) adds some formal charm to the range.

In addition to pallet updates for the dial-filled Engineered (£125) and date-displaying Dandy (£85), UNKNOWN introduces a new model in the form of the Urban (£85) - a modernist face of angles and shapes in dark blue, black and gold (no, it's not white - no matter which way you turn it). 

Set to go on sale on the UNKNOWN online store in the next few days, at least your watch will be on trend - even if your gloves, scarf and extra layers are more appropriate.