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Turns out, the best TV show to watch right now isn't on Netflix

This should be the reason to switch services.

Turns out, the best TV show to watch right now isn't on Netflix
Marc Chacksfield
11 November 2023

Netflix is packed with fantastic shows but sometimes a series comes along on another service that will just make you want to switch.

And that's what has happened this week - and the streaming service you should be subscribing to is... Paramount Plus (or Showtime if you are in the US).

That's because they are both streaming The Curse and it is utterly essential television. Created by Nathan Fiedler and Benny Safdie, the show stars Fiedler, Safdie (who was fantastic in Oppenheimer) and Emma Stone, and is a biting satire on reality TV.

Be warned: it's one of the most uncomfortable shows to watch in a long time, but that shouldn't be too much of a surprise, given Safdie was behind the stress-inducing Uncut Gems and Fiedler created the exceptional and sometimes excruciating The Rehearsal.

The Curse is a hodgepodge of ideas but central to this is a reality TV show called Flipanthropy, hosted by husband and wife Asher and Whitney Siegel (Fiedler and Stone) and directed by Safdie's Dougie Schektor.

What ensues is an uncomfortable watch as the couple is seemingly exploiting a working class town in Mexico for fame. Oh, and to add to this, there's a supernatural element to the series, too.

It turns out, the best show show to watch right now isn't on Netflix
Image Credit: Showtime/Paramount Plus

The show currently sits with 89% on Rotten Tomatoes and has had a whole host of rave reviews.

RogerEbert notes: “The Curse can be remarkably funny if one is on Fielder and Safdie’s cringe-driven sense of humor."

People Magazine writes: "The Curse is unsparing, daring, endlessly fascinating, altogether extraordinary and bracingly original."

Variety reckons: "The Curse is undeniably effective at creating a mood, which means every compliment to the show also sounds like a criticism. The show is a study of exploitation at all levels that’s often painful to watch."

Slant Magazine believes: "The Curse is tightrope tense, using its often surreal and cringe-inducing scenarios to critique of white privilege."

While The Daily Beast reckons: "Led by Emma Stone in what may be the finest performance of her career, it’s simultaneously choke-on-your-laughter weird and squirm-inducingly terrifying, the two climaxing in a finale of mind-boggling insanity."

The Curse has been made by A24. It is the company's first foray into TV, after a string of movie hits including Uncut Gems, Hereditary and Moonlight.

The first hour-long episode is available to stream now on Paramount Plus and Showtime with new episodes dropping weekly.

The Curse is one of our picks in our constantly updated What To Watch guide.