This new Tube map will be really helpful for both anxiety and claustrophobia sufferers

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Matt Tate

A new map released by Transport for London (TfL) aims to make commuting around the capital easier for claustrophobia and anxiety sufferers. 

The edited map uses grey shading to show which sections of the Tube are underground, the thinking being that people who preferably want to avoid long stretches of tunnels can plan their journeys accordingly. 

Although its name would suggest otherwise, half of the 270 stations in the London Underground network are actually above ground, and the only entirely underground lines are the Victoria and Waterloo and City lines.

Handily, also highlighted are the London Overground, DLR and TfL services that feature tunnels.

At first glance it doesn’t look much different from the standard map, but the grey sections are key.

To see a bigger version of the amended map, click here

This is part of a concerted effort from TfL to improve transport services for everyone in the capital, and the latest move has been praised by charities.

“For those with anxiety conditions such as panic attacks and claustrophobia, we know that travel by the underground can be problematic and challenging,” said Nicky Lidbetter, Chief Executive for Anxiety UK. 

“This new map is an excellent resource for those wishing to avoid journeys where there are tunnels; serving as a great pre-journey planning aid and increasing access to public transport.”

(Image: Transport for London)


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