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True crime fans, rejoice! We are finally getting a Tiger King 2

Netflix announces 'the home of true crime'.

True crime fans, rejoice! We are finally getting a Tiger King 2
Marc Chacksfield
23 September 2021

Netflix has revealed that we are getting a sequel to the Tiger King, one of the most popular true crime documentaries of all time.

Whether it was because we were all in lockdown thanks to Covid, or the fact that the exploits of Joe Exotic were so eye opening that we couldn't tear ourselves away from the screen, Tiger King was a binge-watching gem last year.

His feud with big cat rescue owner Carole Baskin felt like fiction but all of it was true - and ended up with Exotic in jail for numerous charges, including attempted murder.

"The global hit Tiger King, which attracted 64 million households in the first four weeks after its March 2020 premiere, will return to Netflix for more madness and mayhem," says Netflix, which has confirmed that original directors Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin are set to return.

This is all part of Netflix branding itself 'the home of true crime', revealing a further four documentaries that are coming to the streaming service.

These are:

  • The Puppet Master: Hunting the Ultimate Conman - a three-part series about one of the world's most audacious conmen made by the creators of The Imposter.
  • The Tinder Swindler -another conman story, about someone who posed as billionaire playboy on Tinder to con women the world over.
  • Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King - a documentary about the death of cryptocurrency multimillionaire Gerry Cotten and the missing $250 million that went when he passed.
  • Bad Vegan - about Sarma Melngailis, dubbed the “Vegan Fugitive” who is conned by a man when trying to build a restaurant empire.

"Stories about real crimes have captivated audiences since the dawn of media, from the old days of town criers and tabloids to today’s podcasts and social media," said Netflix about the news.

"As we've seen since our Emmy Award-winning series Making A Murderer first pierced the culture in 2015, documentaries can also meet that curiosity by immersing viewers in a true story to dissect its complexities and make sense of the unexpected.

"Now as we explore the spectrum of true crime, one particularly riveting area is that of cons, scams, and cautionary tales."

The Tiger King 2 will be with us before the year is out, with the rest of the docs coming in 2022.

Here's the trailer for the new shows below: