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We finally have the first official look at Tom Hardy as Venom

No sign of Spider-Man though

We finally have the first official look at Tom Hardy as Venom
12 January 2018

Excitement is quite high for Sony’s upcoming Venom movie, even though there’s a big chance that it’ll end up all muddled and weird - Spider-Man isn’t in it (he’s Spider-Man’s punching bag!), so not sure how it’ll work. Either way, Tom Hardy is on board, and that is the kind of thing that gets people very excited indeed.

As it’s still filming, there’s not too much known about the whole thing, but we’ve had the odd set video and glimpse through Hardy’s Instagram - a big old tease, if you ask me. But finally, now we have the first official photo of Hardy in the film, and it shows something extremely exciting indeed - it shows him… HOLDING A NOTEPAD.

Cool bracelets, bro

Thankfully, IGN has done all the work for me, and have analysed what’s written down on that there pad, and it’s all essentially directed toward The Life Foundation, a secretive group that ended up creating a bunch of symbiotes (Venom-like bad guys, basically). 

This confirms what director Ruben Fleischer has previously mentioned, regarding the film’s main sources of inspiration being two David Michelinie storylines: Lethal Protector (1993) and Planet of the Symbiotes (1995).

Lethal Protector sees Venom quashing his beef with Spidey and going from bad guy to anti-hero, and Planet of the Symbiotes finds Venom defending earth from a big bunch of alien symbiotes - so I think we’re supposed to be rooting for Hardy/Brock in this one.

OH YOU WANT MORE VENOM GOSSIP? Jeez, so needy. Well, here’s a video of Fleischer and Hardy larking around in front of the Brazil Comic-Con audience:

(Warning: There is an extremely peculiar voice emanating from Tom Hardy and it’s making me feel very uneasy, just thought I’d flag this up for you)

Don’t know what he’s doing with his hands, there, but this is all very exciting, isn’t it? Devil horns, indeed, Mr Hardy, devil horns indeed.

(Image: Rex)