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The first footage of 'Venom' has leaked and shows Tom Hardy possessed

This film is shaping up nicely

The first footage of 'Venom' has leaked and shows Tom Hardy possessed
21 December 2017

I’m about to say something which I believe is entirely un-controversial: Venom is the best Spider-Man character. He is also one of the best characters in the entire Marvel universe - I think this is shared, and common, knowledge. A scary alien parasite merged with the most angry of humans (a journalist), forming a giant screaming big-tongued fuck-head with massive teeth - what, I question, is not to like?

Unfortunately, he’s not had the best time of it on film, with his appearance in Spider-Man 3 falling a little flat, but he’s being given another chance courtesy of Tom Hardy in Venom. We’ve seen glimpses of his costume and heard details of the film’s plot, but we’re yet to have absorbed any moving picture-related material - UNTIL NOW

A set video has leaked, showing Tom Hardy having a bit of a tizzy outside a car on a busy street. Obviously, what we’re looking at here is Eddie Brock fighting against the Venom symbiote that is currently taking up office inside his body - and presumably, that means he’s gotta slam some car doors, baby! Check it out below:

But a short video of Tom Hardy doing a funny walk and abusing a hatchback is not all the Venom-related gossip we’ve got for you today, oh no. An Instagram-user that goes by the name of Michael Frandsen has reportedly revealed some concept art for the movie. 

Now, there’s no official word on whether this is legit, but he does work as a creature designer for the movie industry, and is currently working on an untitled project due out in 2018 (Venom’s release year), so there’s a good chance it could be all above-board.

Take a look at his rather gnarly designs below:

Either way, I’m excited, the internet is excited, and you are excited, aren’t you? Look at your pits - they’re drenched! Sort yourself out!

(Image: Marvel comics)