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Manchester United swipe right on Tinder shirt sponsorship deal

It's a (football) match!

Manchester United swipe right on Tinder shirt sponsorship deal
Tom Victor
01 August 2017

The coming season will see even more sponsors’ logos on Premier League shirts, thanks to new regulations allowing for sleeve sponsorships.

A number of clubs have already struck deals, including Chelsea – who will have Alliance Tyres represented on the left sleeve of their shirts – and Manchester City, who have given the same privileges to Nexen Tire.

The new measures can earn clubs a tidy sum – the sleeve sponsorships are estimated to be worth around one fifth of the front-of-shirt deals – and this has brought more and more companies into the fold.

One of these companies is Tinder, with the dating app potentially on course for its first ever English football sponsorship deal to go along with its agreement with Italian club Napoli.

According to the Daily Mail, Tinder are in talks with Manchester United over an agreement that would be worth an estimated £12 million.

That figure amounts to just over 20% of the £50 million the club earn from front-of-shirt sponsors Chevrolet.

Napoli’s deal with Tinder saw their €35m striker Arek Milik feature in promotional material for the brand, complete with a cheeky grin and wink to the camera.

Frankly, it seems bizarre that a company defined by the line ‘it’s a match’ would take so long to sponsor a football team, but there you go.

There’s no word yet on which – if any – Manchester United players might be recruited to feature in similar ads. Still, the club has form for some creative acting from their stars.

(Main Image: Rex)