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If you're on Tinder and you support Man United - we have bad news

Look away Red Devils

If you're on Tinder and you support Man United - we have bad news
Tom Victor
05 April 2018

We’re going to level with you… it’s a little surprising Tinder hasn’t done more in the world of football already.

First off there’s the whole double-meaning of the word ‘match’ – that ought to be a pretty easy tie-in for the dating app.

Then there’s the whole thing of football stadiums often being filled with sexually frustr- (*masked men grab me and haul me into the back of a van before I can do myself any more damage*).

However, Tinder seem to be making up for lost time: they launched this amusing ad with Poland striker Arek Milik after launching a partnership with his club side, Napoli, and now they’ve managed to hook in another big fish in the footballing world.

Tinder has announced a partnership with Premier League champions-elect Manchester City, marking the new deal by flying a blimp over Manchester. They even managed to do it hours after City’s Champions League humbling, replicating the poor timing of about 90% of my own Twitter messages.

“[Tinder’s users have] made it clear that they have a love for sports, particularly football,” the company’s VP of partnerships David Wyler explained.

The deal incorporates City’s men’s and women’s senior teams, as well as their sister club New York City FC in the United States.

Oh, and as if to prove how serious they are about the deal, Tinder’s Twitter logo was changed to City’s famous sky blue – not the best of news for Manchester United fans who were used to more red on their swipes.

We’ve already seen at least one Tinder user devise a PowerPoint-style presentation on his profile, but how could this translate to City’s dealings?

Will Pep Guardiola begin swiping right and left to select his team? Will their scouts begin recommending players based on a series of six gym photos or selfies with Snapchat filters?

Perhaps assistant coach Mikel Arteta will begin responding to players’ poor performances by throwing virtual drinks in their faces. The possibilities are endless.

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