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Tinder is finally trying to cut out one of its users' most annoying habits

It's about time

Tinder is finally trying to cut out one of its users' most annoying habits
04 August 2017

When you scroll through Tinder, what do you see? You see a girl on a boat with her arms outstretched. You see a bloke holding a basketball, tensing his arms in a vest. You see a woman at a fucking stupid brunch or something. You see a lunkhead leaning on a dumb car that isn’t even his. You see a prissy berk in one of those shite photobooths at a wedding with a goddamn pair of over-sized glasses on. You see a tiresome snotbag on a chaise longue for some reason, with an idiotic cigar is his crap mouth. You see a female bore doing a sodding peace sign under some bollocks waterfall in Thailand or somewhere equally as cliched.

You see twats with tigers. Loads of pillocks in flip-flops crouching down, shit-eating grins in full obnoxious force, next to a seriously depressed tiger.

Then you swipe left, obviously.

And now, thankfully, Tinder have cottoned on to the fact that their app is saturated with image after image of dolts with sad tigers, and have decided to do something about it. They wrote in a blog post this week:

“Posing next to a king of the jungle doesn’t make you one.

“It’s time for the tiger selfies to go. More often than not, these photos take advantage of beautiful creatures that have been torn from their natural environment.”


Along with this call-out to end the tedious pictures, they’ve also donated $10,000 to Project Cat – a move which was spurred on by PETA Australia writing an open letter to Tinder, urging them to "take the tiger stripes out of swipes".

They wrote:

“Not only are these types of photos cruel to animals, unaware Tinderlings might also mistake them for cute, harmless pictures and be prompted to take part in this abusive industry themselves.”

PETA have also responded to Tinder’s positive move:

“Tinder's crackdown on users posting tiger selfies is a step in the right direction to help protect wild animals used for tourist entertainment.

“We are starting to see a real shift in the public's attitude as they become more aware that many of these wild animals are taken from their mothers as babies, forced to endure cruel and intensive training to make them ‘safe’ to interact with tourists. It's a far cry from their natural life in the wild.”

So yeah, stop with the tiger pics – they’re basic, and they’re mean. Come up with something better. Like a photo of you in the mirror, sitting on the weights bench in the gym, headphones on, in the zone.


(Image: Tinder)