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This watch will turn you into a morning person – with pain

Zap yourself awake with the Shock Clock

This watch will turn you into a morning person – with pain
20 April 2016

If fumbling for the snooze button just one more time is an all-too familiar start to your day, you might be shocked at the alternative. Literally.

With the release of the Pavlok Shock Clock, your aural alarm could be rendered a relic of the ancient past, as the wrist-worn strap wakes you up at your chosen time by means of a jolt of electricity.

No sound, no snoozing, just a short, sharp shock to the system, all controlled using an app on your phone that allows you to set the time and intensity of the electric shock, from mild tickle to cattle prod.

It’s hardly rocket science: you snooze, you lose. And by “lose” we of course mean “get electrocuted”.

The Shock Clock’s inventors claim that after just five days of using the electro-alarm, your body will begin to anticipate the on-coming pain and wake you up before the buzz, effectively rewiring your brain to get you out of bed at the same time every day, breaking that tedious snooze cycle.

And it doesn’t stop there, oh no. In scenes straight out of A Clockwork Orange, the device’s creators claim to be able to shock you out of any bad habit – be that smoking, nail-biting or, you know, ultraviolence – by allowing you to zap yourself whenever you succumb to your cravings.

The pain will replace the pleasure, and the habit will be broken.

Or, more likely, you’ll swear violently, tear the strap off your wrist, lob it into the nearest bin and light another cigarette.

If you’re not a morning person, and can’t stand the Geneva Convention, get your Shock Clock here for the early bird price of $79.