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Elderly man longs to break free in heartbreaking unofficial adidas advert

Now going viral, the German firm will be mad they turned this one down

Elderly man longs to break free in heartbreaking unofficial adidas advert
06 January 2017

Turned down by adidas, an unofficial ad for the brand – made by a German student –  is now amassing millions of views, and it might even be better than the real thing.

An incredibly poignant ad, it focuses on the most inescapable of human plights – age. It’s sad. Really, really sad. But also uplifting. Really, really uplifting. 

Eugen Merher’s heartrending minute and a half film features an elderly-former track athlete who yearns to break free from his retirement home and go for a run. We see him alone on his bed, sat frustrated at the dinner table and staring longingly out of a window before he sees a young jogger go by and decides to act upon his innate impulses to run.

Grabbing his battered adidas trainers and shorts, the elderly fellow puts his kit on and tries to break free. However, his numerous attempts to do so are thwarted by the staff at the retirement home and his equipment is locked away in a cupboard. But something truly lovely happens.

It’s a genuinely devastating and inspiring piece of film that captures the frustrations of ageing and restriction perfectly. It has nearly 2 million views and almost 4 million drowning tear ducts at its mercy. Merher thinks that the film has done so well because ““Everyone, everywhere, is young at heart. No matter what age, or what you look like, this part of yourself never dies. It can always be activated.”

The universally positive reaction to the film begs the question “Why the hell don’t adidas use it?”. Merher confirmed that he “tried sending it to [adidas’] communications department but they didn’t really react”.

Well, adidas, we hope you’re regretting stifling your emotions now.