This TV presenter trolled a betting company by changing his tie six times on air


Laurie Oakes. The name might mean nothing to you now, but in approximately four seconds, you will accept him as your new hero, master, and leader. 

So who is Laurie Oakes? Laurie Oakes is a TV journalist who changed his tie six times on air to thwart a company taking bets on the colour of his tie during the Australian election broadcast on Saturday. 

Bow before him

The game was up

The company, Sportsbet, quickly noticed Oakes' act of sabotage, and they shared their emotional discovery via their Twitter account. 




But they were good sports

Amazingly, Sportsbet decided to pay out all the people who placed bets on each of the colours, meaning 57 people earned A$3,010 (£1,704) each. 

"I thought well why should anyone miss out? So I wore all six colours," Oakes said. What a hero. What a man.