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This smart pillow can play you off to sleep with music only you can hear

Much smarter than counting sheep

This smart pillow can play you off to sleep with music only you can hear

Are you one of those weird people who can't fall asleep in a silent room? Someone who, like Wayne Rooney, needs some form of background noise to drift off into a restful slumber?

Then both you and England's top goal scorer need to put your order in for a ZEEQ - a smart pillow that can stream music wirelessly to aid your sleep, in addition to monitoring your slumber.

What does a ZEEQ pillow do?

Described as an "active participant in your sleep" (which makes it sound like it's going to press itself over your mouth if you still can't drift off), the ZEEQ memory foam pillow contains eight built in Bluetooth speakers through which you can stream your chose tunes.

Set a sleep timer on the connected app and the music will gradually fade out at your request. 

What else does it do?

In addition to the fancy music tricks, the pillow will provide you with a host of analytics via its connected app. 

Want to know if you snore? Or if you move around much in the night? The pillow will monitor your sleep patterns, telling you when you're at your deepest moments of kip. It can also bring you out of sleep at a more 'natural' moment, waking you with a gentle vibration.

This vibrate function can also kick in if you're snoring loudly, meaning you no longer have to get a kick in the back from your partner in order to roll over. 

But wait, there's more!

To get the full details on the ZEEQ, we fully recommend watching this promotional video that accompany's the project's Kickstarter page

"What if your pillow could be an active participant in your sleep, rather than a dumb rectangle?" Brilliant.

Backing the project for $179 (£138) will see you nab a ZEEQ pillow, with an expected delivery date of December 2016. Until then, you'll just have to make do with dribbling into your dumb rectangle.