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This smart mirror could stop you from being SAD

This smart mirror could stop you from being SAD

This smart mirror could stop you from being SAD

It's no fun being SAD.

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects some two million people in the UK, bringing on bouts of depression when the seasons slip into winter - or, even more alarmingly, whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse. Which is all the time.

The best cure for SAD - other than moving to an equatorial country surrounded by perpetual sunshine - is light, preferably sunshine. Which is where Lucy comes in.

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This orb of glass is a "smart lighting system" - an intelligent mirror that tracks the path of the sun, reflecting its light to gloomy areas inside your home. 

Powered by the solar energy it's redirecting, its glass design means it can be placed indoors or outdoors. Once you've pointed Lucy in the direction that needs a light boost, a network of photosensors will reposition the adaptive mirror to reflect the most light to that point; ideally tracking the sun, or just bouncing in more light if it's a gloomy day (/British Summertime).

You can currently pre-order a Lucy for £140 ($219), with first models due to be sent out in early 2016. It's a lot cheaper than relocating to Jamaica.

And if you think you do have SAD, be sure to find out more about the condition via the NHS Choices page.