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This mug will keep your tea the perfect temperature all-day long

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This mug will keep your tea the perfect temperature all-day long
Holly Pyne
23 October 2019

Is there anything worse than a cold cup of tea? If you answered no - first of all, congratulations that was the correct answer, but also - you’re going to want to get your hands on one of these - an Ember Ceramic Mug.

This 14oz mug is designed to keep your tea “the perfect temperature” - whatever you deem that to be. Users simply head to the Ember app to set their desired drinking temperature.

  • And make a tip top brew with the help of one of our best kettles

You’ll then receive a notification when that temperature has been reached, and you even have the option of saving different temperature pre-sets depending on the drink.

Without a charging coaster, the mug will maintain the temperature for a decent 80 minutes but with it, it can last all day.

On a more practical note, it can only be handwashed due to the in-built battery - so no dishwasher action - but we reckon the pros still outweigh the cons for sure.

This new bigger size is available in black for £129.99, but there is also the option of a smaller, 10oz size (in black and white) for £99.99 on Amazon right now.