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This local dentist is really confused about this emoji

Brush carefully kids

This local dentist is really confused about this emoji

Going to the dentist is rarely a pleasant experience.

But when you were a kid, you could at least look forward to getting one of those cool 'I brush my teeth every day like an absolute legend'-type stickers with a dinosaur or something on it.

Unless you go to this dentist of course, then even that small life-pleasure will be denied you:

Yes guys, that's right, that's the legendary poop emoji being repurposed to represent some toothpaste.

It does sort of work. It does look like toothpaste. But underneath it all, lurking below its happy-go-lucky, grinning exterior, we know exactly what it really is.

What they've done here, ladies and gentlemen, is literally try and polish a turd.

Perhaps that's the point: brush your teeth and floss like your life depends on it, or you'll be prescribed the bad toothpaste. The one for really naughty children.

Well, we're not taking any chances. Consider us warned. No more fizzy pop and sweets for us ever again, it's not worth the risk.