This is what a 5.5-metre Millennium Falcon 'toy' looks like


Toy - noun

An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something - "a toy car"

As such, the latest creation of Hong-Kong-based Hot Toys is not a toy.

At 5.5 metres by 3.7 metres, it's massive. It's silly. No-one needs a 1/6th scale replica of the Millennium Falcon - we asked George Lucas and he just scoffed. 

Okay, we didn't - but he obviously would. You'd need a spare living room just to display it - and just imagine the assembly time! Weeks, probably. Valuable weeks.

Sure, we realise Hot Toys did this as a promotional stunt for the Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong event. It's gone down a treat with press and fans alike - and there's a strong chance the toy maker will offer to build the model on an individual request basis.

But, look at it. It's just...

Okay fine, we want one. 

(Images: Toyark Forums)


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