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This incredible fan theory has managed to connect Star Wars and The Matrix

This incredible fan theory has managed to connect Star Wars and The Matrix

This incredible fan theory has managed to connect Star Wars and The Matrix
Danielle de Wolfe
18 November 2015

Let’s get this out of the way: do you fancy the blue pill or the red pill?

We only ask as we’re about to present you with a new theory concerning The Matrix, that, depending how you take it, could make you believe 1999’s Wachowski classic exists in the very same universe as Star Wars.

Writing on Reddit, TheROBERTISSIMO claimed he recently re-watched Attack of the Clones and recognised the man selling ‘death sticks’ in the bar scene. Some web browsing later and he found out it was actor Matt Doran, and he realised where he knew him from: The Matrix, as Mouse, crew member of the Nebuchadnezzar.

Mouse, you may remember, was also the architect of the Red Dress Programme, designed to distract newbies with a beautiful woman in a bright red dress in an otherwise dreary cityscape to highlight how quickly people can be caught off-guard.

Then things got a little crazy.

“At first I thought his appearance in AOTC was coincidental, but then….in the same scene in AOTC, about 15 seconds later, this woman pops in frame for a few seconds and gives a seductive look at Anakin (unsuccessfully) and I start noticing a reference…”

That look? That dress? Wait, could it be?

Yes, it’s THE WOMAN IN THE RED DRESS. Or rather Aussie model and actress Fiona Johnson, who played her.

With another blast of Google, TheROBERTISSIMO found more details on her character in AOTC, Hayde Gofai, in which she was described as ‘a patron of the Outlander Club on Coruscant that often attempted to catch the eye of prospective partners’.

“At this point I thought it was obvious that the combination of cameos was a direct reference to The Matrix, whose purpose is also to imply how Anakin wouldn’t be easily distracted (unlike Neo) by some woman trying to catch his eye, especially because: a) he’s a Jedi and b) A strong theme of the movie was how Anakin was thinking only about Padme, and this only enhances that.”

Update: we posted this on Facebook and eagle-eyed Mike Wolff spotted this:

Which begs the question(s):

Did George Lucas really add in one the greatest science fiction crossovers ever and we didn’t know it? Could it be more than a simple homage and the two characters Hayde and ‘death stick’ seller be working together and actually the Star Wars universe is also just a false reality?

This would potentially explain the powers that Jedi seemingly possess - warping the barriers of a computerised world. Maybe, maybe, Luke and Anakin aren't even real characters, perhaps they're training simulators built by the humans of the Matrix as training material in their mission to discover the 'One'.

Or maybe the two actors in question simply share an agent and this just happens to be an extremely coincidental plot point?

Any more game-changing links like this and we might have to check we're not plugged into some sort of cyber dream machine ourselves.

[Via: Reddit]