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Hero knits sweaters of places & then visits them wearing it

Forget Batman, this is the hero we need right now

Hero knits sweaters of places & then visits them wearing it
10 January 2017

Not all heroes wear a cape. This one wears a sweater.

Baltimore artist Sam Barsky has a simple pleasure in life: knitting sweaters depicting places and scenes around the world, and then travelling to that place to take a photo of him wearing said sweater in said location. Not for fame, not for money, just for pleasure.

A quick look at his Facebook page is enough to restore your faith in the goodness of man, as it details him entering his charming creations into fashion shows and State Fairs and being overwhelmed with the attention that has come his way since his jumpers went viral.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of them.

There are glamorous locations:

Beautiful locations:

Rustic locations:

Not-so-glamorous locations:

Or sometimes just artistic locations:

They can be scientific:

Here are some more:

And even more (how good is the Stonehenge one):

What a lovely bloke.

He’s rapidly approaching his 100th sweater and plans to hold a celebration:

Let’s all go shall we?