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This dating app could be a game changer

Coffee Meets Bagel could be about to get you a date

This dating app could be a game changer
19 July 2016

Single? Of course you are. Why else would you be here.

The dating app Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is about to change up its current matching system after noticing that men and women tend to tackle matching services with very different approaches.

At launch, CMB provided users with one potential match (or 'Bagel') at noon every day: men are provided with "highly curated matches preselected" by a "smart algorithm". Women are provided with a guaranteed match because their time is "extra-precious".

No swiping, no browsing of hundreds of profiles, just match and go. Unless, however, you didn't get a match. At which point, both you and CMB were a bit stumped: you don't get a potential date to talk to, and CMB don't get you engaging with their app.

Which is why they've looked at the stats and decided to change things up: from now on, men will receive 21 possible matches every day, while women will receive upwards of five - again, only if they're guaranteed matches. Women are thus given "#LadiesChoice" - a term the app's developers have given to the process of women being able to start a chat with any man the app pushes their way.

"Men and women behave very different on dating apps, so if we can serve them differently, there’s no reason why we should focus on one gender," said Dawoon Kang, the cofounder of Coffee Meets Bagel. "For women, having that control of who they get to talk to and when is really important."

Which seems to translate to: men play the numbers game, while women are the ones who actually make the choices. 

To see if Coffee Meets Bagel helps you find 'the one', you can download it here. Or just embrace your life of solitude and become a Pokémon GO master. Whatever works for you.