This Boba Fett death coffee table is gorily glorious


How fond are you of Boba Fett? A little? A lot? Enough to have a highly detailed reminder of his violent death at the hands of a tentacled beast embedded in a coffee table?

Us too.

Crafted by the good folk at Tom Spina Designs - formally behind this epic Millennium Falcon coffee table – their latest effort takes it up a notch, immortalising the moment our favourite intergalactic bounty hunter met his grisly end inside a sarlacc pit.

Sure to covet the attention of any right-minded nerd, the detailing here is nothing short of glorious: propped up by a giant tentacle, you can even see Fett’s fingers running through the soft sand, hopelessly clawing in a futile attempt to escape the horrors closing in around him.

The bad news: having been custom built for a private client it’s very unlikely you’ll be plonking a cuppa down on this anytime soon. But we can dream.

The living room centrepiece the universe deserves, with any justice you’ll be able to snap your very own up sometime in the near future.

Best vacuum that Wookie rug just in case.