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These LEGO Mad Max vehicles are superb

These LEGO Mad Max vehicles are superb

These LEGO Mad Max vehicles are superb

There comes a point about 20 minutes into the excellent Mad Max: Fury Road when you realise you're never going to find out why the central antagonist insists on including a flamethrower-wielding guitarist in his war entourage. You just have to accept his inclusion, drop your questions and embrace the chaos.

That, and if you're anything like LEGO-obsessed builder 'Will', you take some detailed notes on the chap's rig in order to create a blocky replica as soon as you get home.

Inspired by the vehicular madness of George Miller's recent return to the apocalyptic deserts of Australia, Will has produced a fantastic series of models based on the film's unique set of wheels. 

The spiked Princess truck took three months to complete alone, with other designs replicating the Doofwagon, Max's Interceptor and the giant Gigahorse.

We've picked some of our favourite models to gawp over below. To see more of Will's fantastic builds, be sure to visit his Flickr page

Here's hoping he doesn't have the misfortune of ever stepping on one. We doubt he'd make it through the night.

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(Images: Will)

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