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There is a Theresa May fields of wheat game and it's pretty bloody naughty

It's also really addictive

There is a Theresa May fields of wheat game and it's pretty bloody naughty
21 June 2017

If anything, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s taken this long for someone to make a browser-based computer game based entirely on Theresa May telling ITV’s Julie Etchingham that the naughtiest thing she could recall doing in her entire life was running through fields of wheat as a child, but I’m glad to tell you the internet has finally got off its arse. 

In Come Wheat May, your job is to navigate our just-about-Prime-Minister through of a field of wheat using the left and right arrow keys. In your way however, rather than an angry farmer, are legions of Jeremy Corbyn scarecrows vowing to eliminate your majority stop you in your tracks, so you have to avoid them. 

It’s a basic premise, but the game is actually quite addictive. After at least 36 goes you’ll be dodging every Strawbyn with ninja-like finesse.

The game is is the handiwork of Steve Whittingham and Oli Cannings, both 29. Since its release they’ve managed to build an impressively large audience, all battling to beat the high score and claim the prestigious title of Naughtiest May. 

Procrastinate the day away by clicking this link. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Before you do that, though, let’s all just relive the now infamous comment that inspired the game.