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There's an 'Enter The Dragon' remake coming and it's already got a director

No word on who will replace Bruce Lee though...

There's an 'Enter The Dragon' remake coming and it's already got a director
24 July 2018

Turns out there’s an Enter The Dragon remake on the way - who knew? It’s supposedly been in the works for a while now, with directors like Spike Lee and Brett Ratner (phew) on board, but it now finally has a director attached, and the news should fill action fans with hopeful joy.

They’ve gone with David Leitch, pretty much one of the best action directors working today. The David Leitch who co-directed John Wick, and directed Atomic Blonde and Deadpool 2. Yeah, that guy. The guy that absolutely knows his way around an action scene like the back of his bruised, scarred hand.

Now, it’s not all 100% official just yet, as he’s only in talks to take on the movie, but things are looking good. As such, a writer is currently being looked for, although unfortunately there’s no word on who will step into Bruce Lee’s nimble-footed shoes - let’s just hope it’s an actual martial artist and not, like, Justin Bieber or someone.

The original 1973 Enter The Dragon was Lee’s first fully-American production and the biggest film of his short career, and had him as an undercover agent infiltrating a crime-ring by entering a ruthless boss’ fighting tournament. It’s a classic of the martial arts genre and arguably shouldn’t be touched with a ten-foot gun staff, but nothing is sacred anymore, so there’s no real surprise it’s being revisited. Name-recognition is everything!

Either way, Leitch is the perfect fit for the remake, what with his extensive background in stunt work, and the fact that all of his movies contain extremely intricate and well-shot fight scenes. But before he can set to work on this, he’s got the small matter of Hobbs & Shaw, the Fast and Furious spin-off starring The Rock and Jason Statham to tackle.

Don’t expect this one to switch into gear until at least the latter part of next year…

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