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The 20 Worst Dressed Movie Characters

The 20 Worst Dressed Movie Characters

The 20 Worst Dressed Movie Characters

We don't like to drink a lot of haterade, but there are times when criticism is necessary and pointing out that Adidas popper trousers you think are "retro" paired with a "quirky" vintage t-shirt are a blight on humankind is an important service to all those who can see.

With that in mind we've found the worst dressed characters on the big screen. So the next time you're thinking of donning any of these items (unless you're going to a fancy dress party), don't.

(Images: All Star)

Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne - Dumb and Dumber

If you're ever suit shopping and think to yourself 'what would make this outfit more exciting?', never, ever, choose a frilly shirt, as it's guaranteed to make you look like a man-child. It's also more commonly known as lady-repellent.

Jacobim Mugatu - Zoolander

Despite the fact that he's considered to be a fashion god in Zoolander, you should never take fashion advice from a chap who matches his hair with his dog, or anything else for that matter.

Roger Rabbit - Who Framed Roger Rabbit

We don't want to be down on Roger. He's had it tough, being framed for murder and all that. But his red trousers and braces don't do much for us. Plus he needs to up his game, have you seen his wife?

Anton Chigurh - No Country For Old Men

It can't have gone unnoticed that serial killer Anton looks pretty appalling. Perhaps it was to do with his hair, or the fact that he looks like a bargain bin Simon Cowell, that really made him go on a murdering frenzy.

Barry Egan - Punch-Drunk Love

Ill-fitting suits never do anyone any favours. Case in point is Adam Sandler's Barry Egan.

Napoleon - Napoleon Dynamite

Brown suits are generally a no-no. That is unless you're Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby. Sadly for Napoleon he isn't as fortunate in the looks department, so his suit just looks a little creepy and grim.

Stifler - American Pie

On paper, Stifler's attire should work. But sadly, the frat-boy style just doesn't cut it.

Lando Calrissian - Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

Just look at that cape. Go on, look. It's not something to be proud of and Lando knows it - his sad expression of defeat says it all. If it wasn't there we'd have more respect for him. Plus Solo probably made a dig about it.

Josh - Big

While Tom Hanks might look like an adult, he's really a child. This is brilliantly shown via his choice of clothing, including this oversized jacket, which makes him look a like it's his first day of big school.

Dennis Nedry - Jurassic Park

Dennis isn't a nice chap so we feel much better about criticising his sartorial choices. While Hawaiian shirts may be a summer staple for lots of men, the pink in his shirt emphasizes his skin, which he probably doesn't want to do considering there's quite a lot of it.

Borat - Borat

If we need to explain this one to you, you're a lost cause.

Zohan - You Don't Mess with the Zohan

Adam Sandler must get pretty annoyed seeing as the majority of the outfits he wears on screen are abysmal. This combination of a "jazzy" shirt, white linen trousers and sandals is no better.

Austin Powers - Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me

Velvet suit? Frilly shirt? And thick-rimmed glasses? This isn't Austin's finest sartorial moment.

The narrator - Fight Club

Strictly speaking, Ed Norton's character isn't terribly dressed. In fact, it's pretty passable. But what makes his clothing choices look so poor is the fact that he's starring opposite Brad Pitt, who just so happens to be playing one of the coolest and best dressed characters in the history of cinema. Tough break, Ed.

Cereal - Hackers

Other than his terrible 90s-style name, Cereal's plaits, round Lennon-esque glasses and a dress and crop top combo is probably a contender for worst outfit ever.

Dewey Finn - The School of Rock

In another life, we may have found ourselves dressing much like the sloppily attired Dewey Finn, until we realised we'd suck at teaching. The un-ironed shirt and the ability to look like he's not had a proper wash in days only adds to his lack of smart dressing skills.

Andy Wainwright - Hot Fuzz

Andy's an odd man, and that's accentuated by his drab clothing. Everything's just very grey and he looks pretty scruffy. We'd probably report him to the fashion police (sorry, not sorry).

Jaws - The Spy Who Loved Me

As he's fairly tall, it's probably hard for Jaws to find any suitable clothes that fit him. But that said this pastel blue jacket is dire, plus Bond will show him up in the smart stakes every time.

Biff - Back to the Future

None of the versions of Biff are very well dressed but this one in particular is pretty bad. The roll neck underneath a tatty old gym kit looks old and stained too.

Ruby Rhod - The Fifth Element

While Ruby Rhod's dress sense undoubtedly fits his personality, we've got a headache just looking at this picture.