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The ultimate guide to a luscious lawn

The ultimate guide to a luscious lawn

The ultimate guide to a luscious lawn

An Englishman's home is his castle. So that must make his lawn his moat. Only without the water. You don't want to put that much water on a lawn, it'll do terrible damage. Perhaps we need to rethink this metaphor.

Regardless of description, there are few things more glorious in life than a well-attended lawn, whether front or back: it's the bedrock of gardening, and the solid base upon which all other things - your flowers, trees, gnomes, elaborate and unnecessary water features - can rest.

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So (Percy) Thrower your hands in the air in celebration as we have the perfect infographic to help you grow your greenery to the max. Created by, the Ultimate Lawn Care Guide tells you how to mow like a pro, water like a wizard, seed like a superstar and turf like a boss, as well as telling you exactly when in the year to don those gardening gloves and get down and dirty with a hoe.

Check it out below: click on the image to zoom.

Pac-Man Danger Map

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