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The Ultimate Barbershop Quartet

The Ultimate Barbershop Quartet

The Ultimate Barbershop Quartet
09 September 2013

If you’re anything like Cary Grant (and we know we are), you’ve probably splashed an Acqua di Parma scent on at some point. So, the exciting news is that the actor’s fragrance house of choice has now branched out into shaving and skin products.

The brand’s ‘Collezione Barbiere’ includes all you need to prep skin, shave calmly and sooth irritations. The eight-strong regimen – featuring a gentlemanly razor and shave brush – boasts refined textures and best of all is unscented, meaning it won’t ‘interrupt’ whichever of Acqua di Parma’s distinguished fragrances (or dare you go there, from another fragrance house) you choose to dowse yourself in.

To prep your skin, the collection recommends a Purifying Facial Scrub. To shave with, there is both a Soft Brush or Brushless Shaving Cream as well as a transparent Shaving Oil. A Fresh Moisturising Balm and Revitalising face Cream and Eye Treatment complete the line-up. we’ve selected our four standout items here…

Shaving oil, £30

Pomegranate, basil and lemon are the unlikely ingredients rubbing shoulders in this all-natural shaving oil, guaranteed to provide protection against burns and rashes.

Revitalising eye cream, £29

Admittedly not a traditional part of the shaving ritual, this gel provides hydration, freshness and anti-ageing nourishment for your peepers.

Revitalising face cream, £37

The perfect post-shave balm – high in vitamin C and bolstered by sambucus nigra flower extract which, as you probably already know, has potent anti-inflammatory qualities.

The razor, £170

Hand-crafted in Italy from materials including burnished brass and water-resistant wenge wood, this razor could be straight out of Bond’s washstand.