The superb superhero banknote project


Alessandro Rabatti is in a lot of trouble. At least, he will be if the police take issue with his fantastic Facebank series.

The superhero-themed series sees the Italian artist blend and transform various international currencies into superhero icons, defacing a raft of heads of state in the process of giving them a comic book identity.

Queen Elizabeth II appears in various guises, including both Catwoman and the Joker (an artistic piece that breaks the Currency & Banknotes Act 1928, but here's hoping the courts let him off), alongside Abraham Lincoln, Mao Zedong and a US $50 bill. 

A play on the state of globalisation the world is going through, you can see Rabatti's full series over on his website.

Here's hoping the authorities don't press Rabatti with any charges for the series - his bank account looks like it's already taken a hefty blow.

(Images: Alessandro Rabatti)

[Via: Geek Art]


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