The speaker in a jar


Looking to further improve your hipster credentials? Are those lens-free glasses not doing the trick? Well, stop reading that underground zine that got cancelled in the late 80s and pay attention.

In the past couple of years, prohibition-era Mason jars have become utilised by the cool kids as ironic beer containers, which makes this latest development a natural next step.

This easily portable Mason jar speaker and amplifier, from designers Adam Wegener and Ron Sloat, allows you to carry the hipster party with you. It's battery-operated, making it a good choice for outdoors, and, best of all, it's actually surprisingly effective.

We tried one out for ourselves and, once settled on a surface, it packs quite a punch. It also comes with a jack adaptor, allowing you to hook up your guitar. You know, if you're in that band that no one knows about yet.

You can buy one here.


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