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The Simpsons runs the rule over 100 days of President Trump

A hanging Sean Spicer, a warring White House & a depressed Marge

The Simpsons runs the rule over 100 days of President Trump
Tom Victor
27 April 2017

The Simpsons famously predicted Donald Trump’s ascent to office, so it only seems fitting that the long-running show would be the ones to assess his first 100 days as president.

Whatever you think of the show’s descent from one of the best shows of its generation to whatever you’d call it these days, you can’t begrudge its creators this 90-second segment.

It’s not the first time The Simpsons has dealt with the Trump question since he announced his presidential campaign in 2015 – just last summer, the ‘3 a.m.’ skit featured the not-at-all-forced opening line “I can’t make love till I’ve decided who to vote for”

But now they’re back with a look at how things have changed since January’s inauguration.

While the original was “paid for by Americans who are really starting to miss Obama”, the new addition to the canon is “paid for by ‘Anybody Else: 2020’”.

You’ve got President Trump, complete with dog-as-toupee (Would you look at that! Inter-episode continuity!), running through his achievements.

Is the reference to being able to “shoot hibernating bears” a callback to the season 7 episode ‘Much Apu about Nothing,’ where Moe conflates bears with immigrants? If so, it’s the best bit. If not, it’s probably still the best bit – it’s a fairly hit-and-miss clip.

Still, like any late-era Simpsons clip, there’s enough there to raise a chuckle at least once and have you longing for the golden era.

Don’t mind us, we’re just off to watch seasons 4-8 back-to-back.

 (Images: YouTube/Frinkiac)