The Rubik's Snake Puzzle Lamp


Before Ernő Rubik became a household name with his twisting puzzle cube, the Hungarian inventor had a comparatively unsuccessful start to the (niche) world of mathematical toys with the Rubik's Snake. Yes, it was a thing.

And it still is, as now the team of Oikimus design have decided to shine a literal light on this lesser known toy.

This contorting light box is the 5+5 Lamp, a segmented box with seven fully-rotational plywood parts. LEDs lie within each section of the lamp, emitting a warming glow through a sheet of plexiglas.

"A simple joint mechanism allows the parts to be rotated at 360 degrees," explains the Oikimus website, "but they can also be fixed, thus allowing creation of two-or three-dimensional shapes."

Thanks to the rotational design of the hinges, there are thousands of potential layouts for the lamp, which can take on a three dimensional shape for desktops or a flat profile for hanging on walls. 

Unfortunately, there are no details on the Oikimus site on how you can get your hands on the 5+5 Lamp - you might want to drop its Russian creator a line, enquiring as to whether he has a version to cram into that awkward geometric corner of your living room.

(Images: Oikimus)

[Via: Moco]

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