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The real Frozen Planet

Yep, you can actually go there

The real Frozen Planet
28 November 2011

Anyone who’s been sat slack-jawed in front of David Attenborough’s BBC series Frozen Planet will not necessarily have been thinking about their next holiday.

But perhaps that’s not quite as daft as it sounds.

UK travel company Exodus has a series of ‘polar itineraries’, which can take the more adventurous package holidayer towards either the Antarctic or the Arctic.

You could practice your huskiest Attenborough voice on a 12-day trip to the Antarctic, which takes in the ominous-sounding ‘Iceberg Alley’ as well as the sneaky-sounding ‘Deception Island’, a 19th century refuge from icebergs and chilly polar storms.

Or if you head for Spitsbergen in Norway for a photographic charter, you could come back with snaps of polar bears, walrus and the kinky Arctic fox.

But the pièce de résistance is the 14-day North Pole expedition, which will find you cutting through metre-thick ice on a boat, taking helicopter trips to check out the aerial views of this magnificent landscape and taking in the city of Helsinki too.

OK, it costs £14,250, but what price a life-changing holiday, eh? Not that? OK, well the Antarctic and Spitsbergen jaunts are £3,270 and £4,290 respectively, so more of a loan than a mortgage.

For information, go here.